Looking to revamp your heating system this spring?  Column radiators are one of the staple solutions in the radiator world.  Their beautiful columns make them a striking and popular choice amongst homeowners looking to make a real statement.  The metal ridging on the column radiator design help to add extra dimension to an otherwise simple and flat wall.   

What’s more, the classic vintage design of a column radiator helps to add a touch of class to any home.  It’s important to remember that your radiator system must prioritise practicality and functionality first, however, you should always be thinking about the overall look and feel of your new radiator system.  A bold radiator system will often require meticulous placement, which is why it’s important to plan your new radiator system effectively. 

If you’re looking for a sleek and minimal look, then columns radiators are not the right choice for you.  A column radiator is typically bold and easily draws the wandering eye.  This is a radiator that wants to be seen and can be a fantastic way of adding personality to the different rooms in your home. 

What makes a column radiator special? 

So, you’re thinking about investing in a new column radiator?  It’s important for you to know what makes column radiators so special.  Column radiators are typically made from two hollow tubes.  These tubes are made from either iron or steel and the hot water then flows within the columns, heating them and the space between the columns up.  This makes this radiator design a great choice if you’re looking to add multiple radiators to your home.    

Column radiators offers flexibility in a range of spaces 

One of the best things about a column radiator is that it is incredibly easy to place around the home.  This radiator is exceptionally flexible, meaning you can easily place them in most rooms in your home no matter the size and shape of a room.  One of the most popular placements for a column radiator is under windows.  If your home only had single glazed windows, then placing column radiators under the windows will help to offset the heat loss from your windows.  

Column radiators offer a wide array of choices 

This type of radiator is one of the most diverse in terms of the different sizes and shapes on offer.  With so many materials, designs and finishes to pick and choose from, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking your column radiator.  Finding the perfect finish can help to elevate your column radiator from a simple heating solution to a design feature in its own right.  

One of the most popular finishes you can buy is an anthracite finish.  If you’re unfamiliar with anthracite, this is a coal-based mineral, meaning your radiators will have a black sheen, which will suit many different home designs.  The coatings and finishes that can be applied ensure that your new radiator system is incredibly durable and long lasting.  This means a column radiator will withstand more than your average radiator.    

Whilst the column radiator typically takes slightly longer to heat up, the efficiency and power it offers truly knows no bounds.  If you’re looking for a timeless classic, then a column radiator is the perfect option!  

Where can I buy a column radiator? 

 Column radiator continue to remain a radiator classic amongst homes and it’s not difficult to see why.  Oozing warmth and appeal, these classic radiators are built to last.  We recommend checking out online brands like B&Q and Trade Radiators if you’re looking for a bargain column radiator buy!