Hallways can be a space in the home that is typically boring and lacks functionality, many people do not think to put much effort into this area of their home. When in fact, it plays an important role in the overall look and feel of your home. This is the first impression you give a person when they visit your house for the very first time.

If you have a high ceilings and a staircase, why not add some interesting lighting that may be funky and stand out from the crowd? This space allows you to think outside the box as it is not an actual room within your home. With this space, you really have nothing to loose, right?

Invest colour into this space, although you may not want the world to see that brightly painted door you have always dreamed of having, there is nothing stopping you conveying this inside your home. This can completely revamp and modernise your space making it fun, cool and exciting.

Add in a mirror, people love to have a quick glance at themselves before leaving the house. This is often nice with a side board underneath and can be a great space saving idea for narrow hallway areas which you wish to add some design flare too.

Be sure to keep your space tidy and clear, do not have shoes or coats on display if possible, these should be stored away under the stairs or in a cupboard for this purpose.

You may also wish to decorate your side board. If doing so, we recommend adding an array of different sized candles.  This will help to create an interesting design feature – just be careful if you plan on lighting these!  Use pictures, vases,  decorative accessories or plants to make your house a home. This area can often be neglected, so make sure to give it some design love!

Ikea and other furniture stores sell narrow shoE holder units. These can look smart and keep your shoes away in a tidy way that is still accessible in a useful location.

On that topic, if you have the space it is inviting to have a bench or chair in your hallway for people to sit on while putting on shoes. These can be integrated into the wall and home storage either to optimise/ maximise storage solutions and make use of space in this small area.

Another interesting project can also be to make use of under your satire case, this can be used as a wine cellar, toilet, cloak room or even utility room.

One of our top safety tips is to ensure your keys are not on view, as these can be taken via letter boxes and rods.