Get ready to say goodbye to your beloved mid-century everything and grayscape wall colour.  This Easter isn’t just a time to indulge in your favourite chocolatey treats; it’s also time to give your home a much-needed refresh, too!  Here are some of our top trends to watch out for in 2019.

Geometric Patterns are key!

Get ready to enjoy even bigger and bolder graphics in your home interior design this year.  In fact, graphics are set to become the star of your design show – just think graphic shapes and giant dots!  When it comes to this trend, bolder really is better!

Experiment with tone on tone

Playing and experimenting with different hues and matching paint colour with personalised décor accessories is another design trend to consider when refreshing different rooms in your home.

Get ready to brass yourself

We’re sure you’ll agree that brass is always in style.  Whether it’s a vintage piece you have painstakingly tracked down yourself, or a modern piece you have sourced online, brass is always the king of the design show!

Incorporating natural elements in your interior design

This year’s design trends are set to reinforce the popularity we saw last year for natural elements.  However, this trend will be taken one step further and you should expect these natural elements to be used in even more interesting and original ways.

Flooring, light shades and countertops can now be made from concrete and wooden panelling is making a revival for ceilings and floors. The old charm of expertly plastered walls is set to get even more attention.

Artisan textures are set to stay

Raw edge textiles and woven rattan will help to add a handmade feel to your home and textiles with raw edges and added embellishments will take centre stage.  Just remember, think textile this year!

The velvet trend is still going strong

It appears that the velvet trend is not going anywhere this tear.  The velvet train is still going strong and we’re not mad about it!  If you’re a little unsure when it comes to this trend, why not try adding velvet sofas to your living room?  This tactile fabric is perfect for adding depth and warmth.

Lighting is set to become the star of the show

Vintage style and artisan lighting are set to become huge trends in 2019.  Mid-century brass lighting is particularly popular and strong accent lighting is the perfect way to create mood lighting.

Apricot pink is the new millennial trend

While pink is not going anywhere, apricot pink is set to take the reins from its millennial pink cousin.  The 2019 edition holds apricot hues and a nostalgic nod to warm childhood pinks.